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The reason this blog was created, is to help inform the common land owner of the Oil Industry, its direction, its potential, and its noteworthy news. As much power and influence that the Oil industry has, one would think that transparency of data would run freely through the culture like a springbuck on steroids. One would be wrong. In fact simple lack of understanding has infected nearly part of our country from politicians to principals; and sadly, even trusted industry professionals and analysts are often as mislead as a North Korean missile. In my investigations and analysis, I hope to be able to interact with many of you and draw attention to the gravity of the situation at hand, as well as give direction as to people whose analysis can be trusted–and whose track record is impeccable.
Vocabulary and Pun disclaimer: For Reasons of my own sanity, I plan on making these postings humorous, if not ostentatious. Boring reading makes for boring people.
The Oil Industry Is In Crazy Times. At no time in history has the oil industry faced the problems, costs, shortages, influence, and importance as it does today. Oil has become the most important commodity there is to the luxuries of the modern world.

To understand the importance of oil, first we must learn all of oil’s uses. Oil, and Oil Products: gasoline, plastics, pesticides, balloons, candles, CD’s, contact lenses, crayons, detergents, dishwashing liquid, fishing lures, fishing nets, hearing aids, guitar strings, glues, paint, insulation, jet fuel, linoleum, lip balm, solvents, perfumes, refrigerators, dish washers, shoe polish, eye glasses, all types of balls, tennis racquets, pvc, shoes, saccharine, agro-chemicals, ammonia fertilizers, polyester, ink, dye, cosmetics, umbrellas, tires, toners, toothpaste, transparencies, upholstery, rubber, tar, asphalt, etc.MEDICINES: analgesics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antibacterials, sedatives, tranquilizers, pill coatings, aspirin, penicillin molds, suppositories, cough syrup, heart valves, rubbing alcohol, tubing, sheeting, splints, prostheses, blood bags, disposable syringes, catheters, sterilizers, cancer treatment dyes, films, creams, etc. Items Built Through Oil Manufacturing: air conditioners, boats, nearly all current forms of metallurgy, nearly all electronics production, bubble gum, bottles, all car production, all computer production, etc.

Gas Prices

The only industry as hot as the Oil Industry: the prosthetics industry.

Food: Oil also affects every aspect of food production. Currently, around 10 calories of fossil fuels are required to produce every 1 calorie of food eaten in the US. The average piece of food is transported 1,500 miles before it finds your plate if you live in the United States. In Canada it is 5,000 miles.

Obviously this list is very long, and this is its abreviated form. There were countless other items that didn’t make the list due to my need for brevity. Perhaps I shall make the list easier next time by listing all the products that are not made from oil. Then again, it would take a long long time to find such products.

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